The Amazing Talking Card

Out Of The Box marketing with QRradio.NET is a new and innovative way to reach consumers through a multimedia experience based purely on their mobile device. QRradio.NET is blazing new ground through targeting mobile users with QR-code accessed mobile media, while the rest of the marketing field is still trying to force mobile users to adapt to their stale strategies.

How does it work? The customer simply scans your eye-catching QR-code and is treated to a streaming audio presentation that they can listen to without having to squint and stare amidst screen glare or run the risk of making a mistake while doing other activities.

The simple and ingenuitive usage of this Out Of The Box marketing we’re showcasing in this article is putting your entire presentation on a business card.

If you’re someone who makes a living on conversions, referrals, or simply likes to drum up work on the side, short and sometimes informal meetings with potential customers can be your one chance to make a great impression and interest them in your service.

Unfortunately, for a business hungry professional in that setting, it can often be hard to naturally bring up your specific service and it could even end the conversation if someone thinks you’re giving them a ‘sell’ rather than building a relationship. Losing a contact like this is deadly and if the word goes around that you’re only in a conversation for business, that’s a sure fire way to financial struggling.

Here’s where QRradio.NET can help.

Instead of trying to force a conversation about your niche or unnaturally dragging the conversation to the desired end, QRradio.NET’s printable QR-codes allow you to put your entire business presentation on a business card for just a few pennies. Now you can relax and cultivate relationships while letting your audio presentation organically do the rest through this Out Of The Box platform.

If time and creativity are both on your side, you can design the card yourself and add the QR-code as a ‘photo’ in the card design and have it printed by an outside source. If, however, you don’t have the time to do the job yourself, QRradio.NET provides everything you need for a professionally designed, full color card with your printed QR-code via their card creation business packages. They do all the work for you and produce a great product to help you succeed.

For the busy business man or woman who is looking for a no pressure route to provide conversion pertinent information without coming across poorly, QRradio.NET has a truly Out Of The Box marketing solution that puts the entire presentation on professional designed business card with little to no hassle.

By Sam Jenne