Personalizing Campaigns

Out Of The Box marketing with QRradio.NET is a new and innovative way to reach consumers through a multimedia experience based purely on their mobile device. QRradio.NET is blazing new ground through targeting mobile users with QR-code accessed mobile media, while the rest of the marketing field is still trying to force mobile users to adapt to their stale strategies.

How does it work? The customer simply scans your eye-catching QR-code and is treated to a streaming audio presentation that they can listen to without having to squint and stare amidst screen glare or run the risk of making a mistake while doing other activities.

The simple and ingenuitive usage of this Out Of The Box marketing we're showcasing in this article is creating a personalized mail marketing campaign.

Paper mailing campaigns have been, and are, a foundational marketing tool for large companies and have been used for everything from politics to clothing. Using the same vanilla, niche targeted content, businesses rely on a shotgun approach to reaching consumers. While this remains an effective stratagem for companies large enough to absorb the costs of printing and mailing tens of thousands of items, it lacks the cost saving precision required for widespread and effective usage in the small business world.

Here’s where QRradio.NET’s Out Of The Box marketing technique is ready and able to assist in empowering a print campaign with targeted QR-code audio commercials to add a multimedia conversion asset to your mailing content. Their multiple channel packages provide a cost efficient venue to increase marketing impact through specifically targeting your messages with a brand or area specific audio pitch.

To begin improving your print campaign with QRradio.NET, start by recording a ‘base tape’ message without naming a specific company, location, or town. Use this recording to give your most attractive services pitch possible. This is your chance to earn their call back or email for more information. Good quality here is absolutely key for effective marketing.

Next, record a business specific message you can place at the beginning of your base tape to point the message directly at your target and avoid the sense of a canned message. For each business you’re targeting, record a different intro message that’s specific to the organization and will grab their attention.

Now, pair your various business specific messages with your standard pitch in an audio editor and output the finished product.

Then, upload the audio files to your QRradio.NET account to the appropriate channels and download the QR-code provided. For ease of usage it’s recommended you name the channels per which business or campaign they relate to. That way, if you want to change something later, you know which one is which.

Lastly, use those downloaded QR-code images and place them in your business specific mailers. Now you can sit back and let the power of audio do the rest.

QRradio.NET offers packages specifically tailored to campaigns like this, and by utilizing their unique platform, they help you take a canned mailing approach to advertising and make it a conversion geared, precision marketing experience. They do all this easily and inexpensively by embedding business specific messages inside your mailers for a truly Out Of The Box solution.

By Sam Jenne