Out of the box

Out Of The Box marketing with QRradio.NET is a new and innovative way to reach consumers through a multimedia experience based purely on their mobile device. QRradio.NET is blazing new ground through targeting mobile users with QR-code accessed mobile media, while the rest of the marketing field is still trying to force mobile users to adapt to their stale strategies.

How does it work? The customer simply scans your eye-catching QR-code and is treated to a streaming audio presentation that they can listen to without having to squint and stare amidst screen glare or run the risk of making a mistake while doing other activities.

QRradio.NET is unlike all other companies who insist on placing a wall of text demanding a monopoly of the reader’s eyes; the problem is, a mobile device user is on a mobile device out doing, not waiting around to read a wall of text. Seeing this major flaw in current thought and believing that advertising should not monopolize an on-the-go viewer’s eyes, QRradio.NET provides an Out of the Box marketing experience via audio streaming to mobile devices.

And that isn’t all that’s available through the Out of The Box experience! When working with QRradio.NET you have full control of your audio channel. You can change your ad at any time for no fee, include an eye catching graphic to your web site, link to social media, place a click to call button, YouTube link, see real-time statistics, and more for a truly Out Of The Box experience.

Ingenuity is at the core of QRradio.NET’s design and marketing process and puts groundbreaking conversion tools in the hands of presenters or marketers. For example, you can even do things such as putting an entire professional presentation on a business card for the cost of a few cents. No more trying to hand out CDs or other multimedia content, now you can hand them your card, pamphlet, or product jacket and be poised to convert them with your Out Of The Box presentation.

Out of The Box will deliver multiple ways and concepts to utilize QRradio technology in the coming articles and will continue to showcase new, inventive, and inexpensive ways to boost your marketing using the power of audio. Whether you’re a small business fighting to stay afloat or a well established community name, there is an almost endless array of possibilities to assist in gaining you market share and adding value to your current marketing efforts.

Combining cutting-edge marketing tactics with exceptional and free customization of your channel, QRradio.NET becomes a potent tool in any marketing arsenaul. They’re a great option and worthy of investigation by anyone interested in increasing conversion of product or brand through a clever Out Of The Box marketing campaign.

By Sam Jenne