Voice Artists


As we expand, we’ll be adding a growing selection of voice artists to our talent pool from which you may choose. Questions should be directed to our artists via our contact form. Simply address them by name in the message and we will to forward messages accordingly.

Our voice artists may be hired for the below listed fees. These fees include their narration, post production enhancements, and musical bed. You as the client owns the production your hire them to do, and may use it anywhere you wish.

Fees: Up to 120 seconds :: $150 with each additional ten seconds (rounded up to the nearest ten second interval) charged at $10. $150 is our base fee, and covers the setup and post production charges as well as up to 120 second running time for your narration.

For example, if your commercial is 90 seconds, you will only pay our base fee of $150. If your running time is two minutes and thirteen seconds (133 seconds) then your fee would be $170 (rounded up to two minutes and twenty seconds).

If you are an established voice artist or would like to be, feel free to contact us with an audition demo. We’d love to hear from you.