How it Works


1: Produce your audio

Create Audio

The production of your audio spot can be accomplished three different ways. You may:
  • Produce your audio yourself.
  • Hire out to a third party agency.
  • Have QRradio produce it for you.

Voice Up

See our Voice Artists page for additional details of our in house services.

Depending on your channel’s target, all audio does not have to be professionally produced. That need is dependent on how you wish to use your channel.

If you are launching a marketing campaign, then a professional audio presentation is the sensible thing to do, but if you're simply listing daily lunch specials, a spoken audio segment recording with a good microphone may suit your purposes just fine.


2: Purchase channel(s)

Shout Out

Now that you have an audio piece and you're ready to blast it, you need a Channel. If you're new to our service it's likely you'll want to try one channel to start with. For those who already know what we offer and have the need for additional channels, we have great money saving packages.

You Get

Each Channel includes 10MB of audio file space; enough space for more than 90 minutes of 96kbps stereo audio, and 10 GB of bandwidth; That's about 20,000 plays of a 60 second commercial. We provide upgrade paths for anyone lucky enough to need more!

Our subscription packages are PayPal driven, for secure and easy monthly processing. Your account will be billed once a month on your join date. Our No-Obligation subscriptions can be cancelled at any time, and you are not required to keep your account any minimum term.


3: Distribute QR media

Blast It

You've got your audio commercial uploaded to your newly leased QRradio Channel and you're ready to go. Now you'll be able to experience the the power of our system firsthand.

Distributing your audio is as simple (and inexpensive) as printing quality business cards, or other handouts with your QRradio QR Code included. Printing your QR into newspapers and magazines provides an even greater reach & allows you to take advantage of the power of audio inside an affordable printed ad.

Endless Possibilities

The number of places for a talking QR code are as vast as the number of uses our technology offers. You can apply our mobile On-Demand audio delivery system to virtually any purpose that involves the mobile demographic. Place QRradio codes on signs and placards, in windows, on novelties and give-aways, on product labels and coupons, on clothing and automobiles. The possibilities are endless!