Frequently Asked Questions



Q: Aren't QR Codes Old-Hat, Passe, boring goods anymore?

A: Yes, we totally agree with you. In fact that's WHY we created QRradio! It's not the QR Code that's the problem. It's HOW we are USING them! For a more elaborate explanation of this, check out "Don't Shoot The Messenger"

Q: What makes your service so special? My QR Codes lead right to my Web site. Who needs more?

A: MOST, Web sites are NOT mobile friendly. If your visitor must scroll and zoom JUST to be able to read your text then you’ll likely lose your visitor rather quickly. But what if you could deliver your message without your prospect ever having to read a thing? A “Come eat at Joe’s” audio commercial may be more effective than just another Web site link in this regard. And at less than the cost of a smoking habit, what has a business to lose?

Q: Why would anyone be interested in a streaming audio commercial when you can use YouTube for FREE ?

A: We are talking about two different things here. QRradio Channels are a lot more than just an audio commercial. We offer a total compaign including graphic, links to ALL of your on line Real Estate, a way to CALL you directly with the click of a button AND... MOST importantly a way to update (change) the CONTENT of your channel WITHOUT CHANGING THE URL / QR Code. With YouTube, if you wish to change your content, you have to REPRINT all the media you have which points to it. With QRradio, all content is updatable without any change to URL / printing.

Keep in mind that with a QRradio Channel, you have also the ability to link to your YouTube presentation, which users can use AFTER they are no longer mobile. AND, this link can be updated in real time, just like the other media, so you CAN then change your YouTube media and keep the same URL / printed goods via our Channels. With our system, you'll never have to change your printing to change your campaign!

Q: Can I use an audio commercial that I already have on your system?

A: Absolutely yes! Our FIRST business is leasing streaming channels. The production of audio service is secondary to our direct to mobile streaming service. If you have a commercial or other kind of audio file in the MP3 file format, you are surely welcome to use it.

Q: How is QR Radio more cost effective than other kinds of marketing media?

A: Other, more standardized media, is priced for the “old world” school of thought. Most haven’t even considered Internet a challenge, let alone the competition. But consider that advertising using a 30 second spot of audio on a traditional FM radio station with just a few spots a day will cost you at least $1000 in a months time and this is just for air time and does not cover the cost of production. Compared to QR Radio’s cost of $150 to produce the audio piece (if you didn’t have one), $25 a month for the streaming channel and the cost of circulating the QR Code that will drive the channel (for print marketing; you’d have these costs anyway if you’re serious about business), and you’ll see fast that QR Radio can earn you back a competitive Return On Investment regarding your marketing budget.

NOW consider the following. When you pay (top dollar) for traditional marketing such as radio or cable television, your media blends in with that of the OTHER commercials and becomes part of the bla bla bla that people have trained themselves to “tune out”. In the banner ad business (on line) this concept is referred to as “Banner Blindness” as your banner blends in with the “noise” of the other graphics on the page. With OUR method of marketing, and starting directly WITH the scanning of the QR Code, you ALREADY HAVE your prospects attention. In fact, they are ALREADY ENGAGED with your campaign and you have already sparked their curiosity enough to take out their SmartPhone and scan your code. THEY are absolutely GOING to be LISTENING to your ad, or at least the beginning of it. It’s up to YOU to make sure that your audio KEEPS them engaged.

Q: Can I hire anyone I wish to produce my audio segment?

A: Absolutely. Not only will QR Radio be bringing you a selection of narrative talents directly and at a competitive cost, but there are countless resources on line for varied degree of costs and professionalism. As told, our first business is the leasing of streaming audio channels.

Q: Couldn’t I simply host the mp3 file on my own hosting account for cheaper?

A: Yes, of course you can. If you’re one of the blessed population and have the resources you need to host your own streaming audio, then join the party directly. BUT know this!

WE are NOT hosting on your standard Web server. We have dual, quad servers with 8 super fast processors, using RAID1 drive systems, and connected to a faster than usual pipe. We have also tweaked our system for optimum audio streaming. We also back up your data every night and keep daily, weekly and monthly backups on our system at all times. We employ a full time, 24/7 tech team to keep our performance based servers tweaked and humming around the clock. These services do not come cheap nor easily. It takes years of experience to operate a server correctly and RCMedia Services is proud to brag that we absolutely HAVE this experience and have applied it every day (for more than two decades) in the course of doing our own business.

Add to that the fact that, if you wanted to have a customized interface that resizes with EVERY device, autoplays on devices that still permit it, and dynamically includes links for Web sites and YouTube vids, and provides you with stats, you’d need to be (or hire) a programmer.

Q: How often may I update my audio and how does that work?

A: You may update your audio as often as you’d like. Absolutely no restrictions are imposed here. You will have access to your on line administration panel 24/7 where you may make any changes to your account that you wish in real time.

Q: I’m a bit hesitant to pay you up front for my narration job. How do I know I’ll be happy with it?

A: We totally understand. And Likewise, the narrators are a bit hesitant to do a job without first some guarantee of being paid. And so WE ( accepts payment on their behalf and once the job is done to satisfaction, THEN we pay them. But NO ONE leaves here unhappy. We will continue to work with you until you are confident that we have satisfied your need. Think of this Web site as the go between and the funds as being held in Escrow for their services, payable upon delivery AND client acceptance. Once you give us “The Thumbs Up”, we close the project.