Don't shoot the messenger


Passe? Don’t Shoot the Messenger!

We're beginning to hear some folks telling others, that QR Codes are passe; out of fashion, old news, nothing but a fancy link, etc. Well, we here at QRradio agree with you, and in fact that’s WHY we created QRradio. Let us explain. QR Codes are just encrypted messages. They don’t serve any other purpose but to feed your device a string of characters, just another language. So, don’t shoot the messenger! The problem with QR Codes is NOT the QR Codes; it’s the media that people are linking TO! If all they serve is a LINK to a web site or other information that people don’t wish to read yet, then yeah they are surely passe. Useless, even. That’s a given.

With our cool multimedia channels, all that is left to do is create a visually compelling QR Code presentation. You must give the viewer a REASON to scan! If your QR Code isn't wrapped in a title and something visual, likely it will never even be noticed.

A QR Code by itself is like an article or marketing piece without a headline just content. And anyone that understands marketing knows that not only is a headline important, but it’s the MOST IMPORTANT part of your campaign! And the same applies to QR Codes!

You need to include a HEADLINE (and/or slogan) with the code AND if space allows, contain your QR art inside of a photo or graphic of interest to entice the eye and grab the viewers attention. If your viewer isn’t curious enough to pull out his SmartPhone and scan your code, then your efforts will be for nil. Clever use of art and a headline will increase the likelihood that your QR Code will be scanned.

But let’s get back to the media that a QR Links to. Now that you have a good looking QR presentation, and you can convince people to be curious enough to scan, THEN what? QRradio thinks that those with phones and tablets are uhh mobile? Now correct me if I’m wrong, but doesn’t that mean they are ON THE GO? Don’t you think that people ON THE GO have better things to do WITH THEIR EYES than read text on a miniature monitor? George, George, GEORGE (of the jungle), watch out for that treeeeeee!

QRradio gives businesses the ability to deliver their message to their SmartPhone user, without the need for the user to use their eyes much. Just a click of the play button and then back to what they were doing while they listen to your full blown audio presentation. THEN, if they are interested and AFTER they reach this presentation, they can refer back to your graphic, your web site link, your Facebook or Twitter link, or a YouTube video of your choice. OR if they need you NOW, they can simply click on the Call Me Now button (optional) and their cell phone will call you.

A QRradio Channel puts ALL media in one place for the mobile marketplace, and leads with an audio presentation for the immediacy and user convenience of people on the go! Tie ALL of your marketing efforts together, under one roof, and then use audio to shout out loud. Finally, share the entire package at the cost of printed media of ALL kinds!

Seriously, when a person is on the move (that IS what mobile devices are FOR, yes?) why would anyone want to monopolize their eyes and attention? Not only is this unrealistic and potentially dangerous, but then we have the whole TINY screen issue to deal with. WHY? Why bother with anything but an audio presentation of your message, which is always more pleasurable than reading, and attach your Web links and phone number for when they DO have the time?

Not ONLY does our approach make more sense, it also happens to come with more benefits than traditional media alone. With our technology, you can create any audio presentation you might require for those who own SmartPhones, and place them ANYWHERE you need them. Hand prospects an entire professionally done audio presentation for the cost of a business card or post card.

These are tough times, and many of us are starting businesses out of necessity. Getting a small (or home based) business off the ground and marketed doesn’t HAVE to be expensive. Give QRradio and try and see how affordable smart marketing can be!