What's it for?

For those with a demographic in the mobile marketplace, we feel the question should be, what's QRradio not for? QRradio channels have so many uses!

When a person is on the move, and that is what mobile devices are for, why would anyone want to monopolize their eyes and attention? Not only is this unrealistic and potentially dangerous depending on the situation, but then they have a small screen size and large text block to deal with.

Why bother with anything but an audio presentation of your message? It is always more pleasurable than reading when on a mobile device, and you can attach your Web links and phone number for when they do have the time to sit and read. Not only does our approach make more sense, it also happens to come with more benefits than traditional media alone.

With our technology, you can create any audio presentation you might require for those who own mobile devices, and place them anywhere you need them. You can even hand prospects an entire professionally done audio presentation for the cost of a printed business card.


Using QRradio, you can create 'talking':

Business cards
Post cards
Brochures and print media
Print ads in magazines and newspapers
Product labels
Retail packaging
Signs for pedestrians
Directions ( " around back..." )


Get your audio message heard for the cost of a small display ad in your local newspaper. You can even include a services demo on your literature, without the cost or hassle of including a CD. Museums and historic locations can offer walking and talking tours without the upkeep of expensive, on location presentation equipment.

And even we haven't begun to discover a fraction of the potential uses for QRradio channels.


Commercials on traditional radio stations are typically tuned-out by most listeners, as a reflex in our ad saturated culture. A simple showcasing of this can be done by asking anyone listening to the radio what that commercial aired ten seconds ago was about. You’ll see the clueless look for yourself!

Traditional ads tend to blend in, and become part of background static, but, when someone scans a code,you already have their attention! and now have a chance to keep it with your message!

Prices on commercial radio spots can run you thousands of dollars, and unless you have a few thousand dollars for each campaign, you won't get far.

QRradio allows you to exercise the full conversion power of audio for the cost of print media,and can be easily integrated with any of your already existing print media.

Please take a closer look at what we're offering if you even think you might need more business, and in this world, who doesn’t?

Finally, just like any other form of marketing, the tools are only one half of the battle. If no one sees your QRradio codes , no matter how good your audio presentation, they simply won’t generate the wanted conversions.

QRradio provides you with professionally designed & printed goods that generate the initial interest for a person to scan your code.

We have great packages that include both an audio, channel and printed media,. It's primed and ready to help you run your own niche campaigns with.